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About Us

We bring you products that we not only use but we love and advocate to our friends and family.

Pink Lemonade was co-founded by two sisters that have a passion for health and beauty.

If you've met us before, you wouldn't think that we are sisters. We don't look alike, we don't dress alike but what we have in common is our love for great skin! For years, we have sought out the best skincare products to alleviate our skin problems (acne prone and combination of oily & dry). We have tried products from different end of the spectrum; from drug mart products to spending tons of money on specialized products and with little to somewhat-okay results.

Until one day, we decided to make our own that will give us the results that we want and need without breaking the bank. We needed a product that works and wanted it to be eco-friendly and Canadian made. So we knew we needed to create this ourselves. After carefully researching and testing products, Pink Lemonade was founded!

We have partnered with a lab that are committed to selecting high quality ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected and our plant extracts and essential oils come from organic agriculture, grown without pesticides or herbicides. This results in a highly concentrated and effective formula that works! 

We believe that if it worked for us, it could work for you too! And if you would like a product that you wish existed. Tell us! We believe in collaboration and making our beauty product wish come into existence.

Join us in our journey as we continue creating products that works for every skin type while indulging in our carefully crafted skincare essentials.



Karina & Jenny